Attention:  Moms to Be!


Don’t let Fear get in your way of having an

Amazing Birth Experience!

Discover The Secrets to An Easier Birth and Faster Recovery

Dear Mom to Be,

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  This is a truly magical and special time for you.

When I was pregnant I kept dreaming of the day of holding my baby in my arms and meeting them for the first time and connecting deeply with my newborn.

Although I was excited, secretly I felt scared wondering how I would handle my body changing shape, how the baby was going to come out and if my body would ever be the same again!


So if you are like most New Moms or New Moms-to-be you may be feeling:

* Anxious about your upcoming birth

* Suffering from back pains during pregnancy

* Afraid you’ll have painful tearing during birth and your pelvis will be distroyed

* Terrified you’ll end up having a C-Section

* Fretting your Body will never be the same again

* Worried you’ll wet your pants or your organs will fall out

* Concerned that sex may hurt and not be enjoyable ever again

*Wondering what you can do to make your birth as easy as possible for you and your baby

Great News!  There are ways for you to be in charge of your body to help your baby have an easier birth and recover quickly afterwards.

I am a Women’s Health Physical Therapist and I’ve dedicated my practice to helping women prepare their bodies for birth and reclaim them afterwards.  In working with thousands of women I’ve learned so much about the pregnant and post partum body.  I’ve seen what birth can do to a body and know there are things you can do to make the birthing process better for both you  and  your baby.

I have been able to help women better prepare their bodies for birth so they can AVOID C-Sections and pelvic floor muscle TEARING that can happen during birth.  There are things you can do!

I offer classes in my area helping to teach this information to pregnant moms.   They are all amazed at the importance of this information!

“Why isn’t this information being taught in childbirth classes?”  they wondered.  “This information needs to get out there!” I heard over and over again.

That is why I created this video series just for you!

Watching this video will give you the confidence that you can:

  • Position your baby for the BEST possible exit

  • Eliminate low back pains during your pregnancy

  • Heal pre-existing issues in your body PRIOR to labor so they don’t impede your birth

  • Understand your body and how to guide it to relax throughout your pregnancy and birth

  • Help you deliver your baby with confidence that you prepared your body the best way possible

  • Keep your abdominal muscles together so you can more easily get back in shape after birth

  • Reclaim your body after birth!

Did you know low back pain during pregnancy can be an indicator that your birth may not be as easy as it could be?

PAIN means something is not right in your pelvis.  If you are having low back pains during your pregnancy you need to watch this video to help ELIMINATE your pain and PREPARE your body for birth.  In order to have an easier birth your back needs to be in good working order.

This is not just an exercise video.  It’s an Action Guideline to help you understand what you can do for your body for an easier birth and faster recovery.

~In this 90 minute video I’ll show you how to make sure your body is ready to give birth so you have the easiest birth possible for you and your baby!

When things go smoothly during your birth, you and  your baby can bond and nurture your growing connection right away.   When birth is traumatic that connection is more challenging and sometimes doesn’t happen at all.   I want for you to be able to develop that amazing bond with your baby immediately after your birth!

There is no greater joy for me than helping women have an amazing birth experience!





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