Healing From Birth, a new mom’s story

April 4, 2013 in Childbirth, Post Partum

Image courtesy of Tom Clare at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Tom Clare at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I saw a new mom of a 3 month old today.  She was tired, experiencing some anxiety, feeling discombobulated and not fully connected to her baby.  She expressed that she felt lonely inside with the baby not in there.  Her birth experience didn’t seem that traumatic.   It happened rather quickly for a first birth and no interventions were needed.  Yet a day after her birth, when she went to soak in a bath, her body shook uncontrollably.  A clear sign of a traumatic response, where the body shakes to release the excess energy stuck in her nervous system.  It’s good that her body was trying to do something to help, yet she still did not feel like herself.

Her baby was having a hard time initially with breastfeeding and wasn’t latched on well and lost a lot of weight.  It was discovered he had some low tone issues in his upper body that was making it hard for him to breastfeed.  This shook her even more as she felt like she wasn’t able to “read” her baby and know what to do.  She felt that when the baby was inside she really was connected to him and knew what he needed.

In evaluating her energy in her pelvis it felt very turbulent, especially at the opening of the vagina.  There was a lot of shock in her pelvic region too.  Her uterus was releasing the post birth energy that usually flows out but it stopped in her vaginal area.   This post birth energy is the connection piece between mother and baby.  It offers support to both mom and baby in helping to understand each other.

There is also a birth energy field around all pregnant women and this field is very open during the birth process.  Disruptions during the birth can leave negative imprints on this field.  The birth energy field without disruptions and imprints has a vibrant, clear quality to it, almost crystalline like.  Imprints can feel heavy and look dark to those that can see or feel them.

This mom’s birth field had some dark, heaviness to it.  Even though there weren’t any obvious issues she dealt with during her birth, the birth itself was overwhelming to her body and registered as trauma.  In guiding her to clear away this trauma and clean up her birth energy field, the heaviness lifted and the energy around her felt more light and free.

Her vaginal area remained chaotic though, so we focused on reconnecting her to the moment in her birth where she felt safe and capable of birthing this baby.  As she remembered that moment, her pelvis softened.  Turning her attention to her uterus I guided her to think about the post birth energy flow.  Envisioning her baby lying on her chest post birth, I asked her to allow that birth flow to connect from her uterus to her baby.  This flow is a way to access specific information about your baby.  Flow and connection between you and your baby is important and always present throughout your child’s life and can be sent to your child at any time no matter where they are.

Just as this mom was visualizing and connecting to her birth flow, her partner brought the baby into the treatment room.  We laid him on her chest and the energy between the two helped to soften both mom and babe.   The birth energy field also felt lighter around them as well.

When her baby was lying on her chest I could still sense moms hesitancy with her baby.   There was something inhibiting her from really connecting to her baby.

This mom felt so connected to her baby when he was inside her, she felt she really knew what he needed.  Now that he was outside she felt less able to respond to his needs.   It seemed that the noise from his crying was stopping her from accessing her intuition about his needs.   Her hearing and visual senses were over powering that internal knowingness she felt so strongly while pregnant with him.  As we worked to help clear the trauma from her pelvis and reconnect her to her wisdom inside she was able to get beyond her outside senses to feel into him and want he was really needing.  Mom felt much more connected to her baby and more confident in attending to her baby.

After our session I heard from mom.

“I definitely notice clearing in the vaginal trauma and an end to that lonely feeling. I also don’t feel so lost. I think the kegels are more even and less sore when I do them. Feeling for that birth energy may be an ongoing process but I feel like I have a start. Thanks again so much!”