Treatment For Babies

Not only do mama’s have some difficulties with their bodies from birth but babies do as well.   Lynn specializes in helping babies relax more in their bodies, bond better with their mamas and settle into life outside the womb.
If you notice your baby is experiencing:

  • Difficulty latching on for breastfeeding,
  • Reflux or excessive spitting up after feeding
  • Colic or excessive fussiness like they just aren’t happy to be here
  • A stiffness in their bodies, like their spine and body can’t relax
  • Looking only one way or a preference for turning their head in one direction
  • Difficulty getting to sleep or just relaxing

then your baby could benefit from a session with Lynn.

Lynn has a unique gift of being able to tune into your babies body and sense where the problem lies.  With gentle and compassionate guidance Lynn helps your baby to release stuck tensions in their body from the birth process.   Birth is challenging on the baby, especially if their passage through the birth canal was prolonged or too quick.   No matter how your baby came out a session with Lynn can help increase your bond with your baby and help them release any restrictions they may be carrying from their birth.

A Mom’s testimonials:

Everything about today was amazing. Frankie is so relaxed now and even more cuddly! I also feel like you brought us even closer together which I had no idea was even possible as we are already so close. I am so grateful for you. Hoping that this fixes everything for him but if he happens to need more work in the future I will at least get to be in your amazing energy again.

~ N. W.

After one session the challenges and struggles I’ve been having with breastfeeding are gone!  Finally my baby can now latch on like never before.  My nipples are finally healing and it still brings tears to my eyes every time we breastfeed because now we can.  I am so grateful to you Lynn for what you did for my baby and I.   

~L. V.





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