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Bodywork Session For Mama’s (and any Woman)

Having worked with pregnant and postpartum women almost exclusively for the past 10 years, Lynn understands exactly what the body goes through for birth.  She can help your body prepare for birth or recover more completely and quickly afterwards.

With over 25 years experience and combining the skills from all her trainings Lynn listens deeply to the body’s tissues to see where the real issue lies.  The pain is hardly ever the source of the problem.  When you listen to the body, it will tell you what needs to happen in order to heal.  By combining both the structural and energetic components of the problem, true healing can occur.  Releasing held trauma in the body and reconnecting all parts of our selves allows for greater tissue relaxation and healing.

Being able to listen to what the tissues want to do has helped Lynn learn what truly goes on in your body after birth.  Lynn has discovered a very common birth pattern in women’s pelvis’ that can use some help in releasing.  Pain in your lower right back (Right Sacroiliac join), left side inner groin tension, symphysis pubis pain and bladder issues are all very common complaints with this birth pattern.

    Benefits of working with Lynn

  • Feel different after one session.  You should notice a difference in your body after one session.  Most of the time you feel a positive change in your tissues after the first session.  Occasionally your pain may intensify for a day or two or you may feel sore but then get better afterwards.
  • Faster and more complete healing.  Combining both the physical and energetic components allows for a greater ability to heal more completely.
  • Less treatment sessions needed.  With Lynn’s expertise and complete understanding of what the pregnant body just went through most postpartum physical issues need only ONE session.  Women experiencing painful intercourse, 80% of them needed only one session to enjoy sex again.   By listening to the body Lynn finds the root cause of any pain and addresses that so there is minimal guess work as to what’s really causing the problem.


  • One on One Hands-on sessions.  No modalities are used in this practice. Lynn works with you the entire time.
  • Individualized Treatment and Exercise Plan.  Lynn understands our busy lifestyles and give you only the most effective exercises to address your issues.   You won’t be wasting your time doing exercises that aren’t really helping your situation.
  • Working on all levels; physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually.  Lynn is able to get to the root of your problem and addresses the real issue to alleviate your pain.


          Initial Evaluations:      60 Minute sessions   $200

          Follow Up Sessions:    60 Minutes   $200

                                                     30 Minutes   $100   (Babies are only seen for 30 mins- please choose this option when scheduling)


6 Session Special:

Initial evaluation plus 5 60 min follow up sessions is $1000, a $200 savings

4 Session Special:

 Initial Evaluation plus 3 60 min follow up sessions  is $700 a $100 savings

3 Session Special:  

 Initial Evaluation plus 2 60 min follow up sessions is $550 a $50 savings


Payment is required at time of service and Flex Spending Accounts or Health Savings Plans can be used.    Intuitive Hands Physical Therapy is not a preferred provider with any insurance company.  A statement can be provided that you may send to your insurance company for reimbursement as they allow.  We do not fill out forms or respond to requests from insurance companies, which may affect reimbursement.


Refund Policy:

We have a nonrefundable policy for treatments rendered.  Prepaid sessions as part of a package that have not been used can be partially refunded minus credit card fees and a small processing fee.




There have been profound changes in our family since my session with you.  It’s remarkable and unbelievable.  My 10 month old is sleeping like she’s never slept in her entire life.  Everyone just seems happier and I know I’m happier and lighter and it just feels so good.  Thank you so much. It was unbelievably worth it and I’m excited to refer you to a number of my friends.   

 -Merith W.


If you need support in your post-partum recovery, I highly recommend seeking out Lynn Schulte-Leech. She is impressively intuitive, and a true healer, in all ways. Lynn has a very empathetic demeanor, while informing and challenging you to more effectively heal your body. Her emphasis is on energy flow and balance, and completely individualizes care for each client. She had helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally post-partum, and I am so glad to have found her!

~K. W.

Hey There:  You are truly gifted.  Thank you so much for your help and please keep up the good work.   I am doing extremely well, even better than after I saw you last year.  I would say I’m actually cured of the symptoms I had.  It’s incredible!

-Candace G.  


Hi, Lynn!

I’m so excited! My scar on the right side had never looked “right”; it was bulky, if that makes sense. Today I noticed it is smooth and barely noticeable. Thank you so much!
I’m up to 35 reps on my transverse pulses and can see and feel a difference! It is so liberating to know this can be fixed and my body is still strong enough to heal & respond. I also found my Boppy wedge pillow and have been sleeping with it under my belly and have been sleeping better than I have in years!
Thank you!


After seeing Lynn I had a major breakthrough and let go of control of things at home. To my surprise, my husband stepped up in a major way!  He took charge of projects around the house while I relaxed and took care of myself and our baby. I had an AMAZING weekend, he did some awesome work on our house and HE did all of cleaning up! It felt magical to relax and allow him the space to take more responsibility.  Lynn is truly amazing and talented in the work that she does and I am SO grateful to have found her!  Many thanks!

~Erin B

I had been experiencing problems in my hip and leg since my 3rd pregnancy and delivery, for several years.  Amazingly, after one session I could feel life again in my leg and hip.  It was wonderful and amazing.  I am grateful for her skills and talents.

Lynn was right on in her assessment of my problem.  She knew exactly what to do and where to go.  I highly recommend her.     

~Rosanne Dektor, DC

I can’t begin to tell how grateful I am.  The pain is just gone.  I can feel tiredness in surrounding muscles.  Also, I can feel a lot more mobility when stretching, as you suggested I would.  I can’t believe I just accepted the pain and lack of mobility for as long as I did.

Thank you, thank you.

I hope it is OK that I have shared your name with some people.  There are a lot of people out there that could benefit from your incredible talents.

Back pain returning or not, I’ll be calling for a tune up bi-annually or such!!!

Again, thank you so much.

Best regards,  Michelle




     For Clients and Birth Professionals:

Lynn teaches a class monthly in Boulder and Denver called How to Get Rid of the Pooch for Good!  Click here for more details.

Skype sessions available for women outside the Boulder/Denver area.


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