Meet Lynn

“As a physical therapist and energetic bodyworker, I enjoy helping people reconnect to their inner knowingness of what they need. Holding patterns in our body whether from trauma, childbirth or life’s imprints, can be released so the full potential of our being is revealed. Our body is an amazing creation. We need to honor it, take care of it and learn to express ourselves fully on every level. physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Helping you find your way to that full expression is my love and joy.”

Lynn received her BS in Physical Therapy from Saint Louis University in 1990.  She has continued to develop her skills through continuing education courses with a focus on the pelvis, Women’s Health issues, Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation.  She is one of a few practitioners in the country that is certified in Holistic Pelvic Care, which is a unique approach to physically and energetically realign your pelvis.

Combining what she has learned from these techniques she has developed a deep listening skill that helps her connect to your body to find the real issues at play.  Using her intuition and spiritual guidance she offers your body what it needs to heal. Sharing this work brings her great joy, especially when she can help someone reconnect to their core issue and reintegrate one’s body, mind and soul.

Her main love is helping women have an easier birth and faster recovery.  In working with all of the post partum women she’s seen in her practice, Lynn has developed a greater sense of what is really happening to the pelvis during birth.  Being different than most PT’s she’s developed a gift for being able to sense with her hands what the body has gone through during the birth process.  This allows her to help you prepare your pelvis for birth and also heal more completely from the effects of pregnancy and childbirth so you can reclaim your body again.  She truly is a Post Partum Recovery Expert.  Her work combines both the energetic and structural aspects which allows for a more complete and efficient way of healing.   Too many women are suffering from issues related to childbirth and their physicians aren’t aware of the connection or what to do about them.   Any “weird” or dismissed pelvic issue you brought to your physician may be helped by having a session with Lynn.

Lynn started her own practice in Seattle in 2004 specializing in Women’s Health and was one of the only practitioners in the area to offer a women’s health perspective with visceral work.  She currently lives in Longmont, CO and started another practice, Intuitive Hands Physical Therapy.  Her current focus is with pregnancy and post partum recovery and helping to train labor support personnel in understanding how to manipulate the pelvis to help women have an easier birth and faster recovery.

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