Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation is a gentle hands-on therapy that works through the body’s visceral system (the heart, liver, intestines and other internal organs) to locate and alleviate abnormal points of tension throughout the body.  By listening to the body these abnormal point of tension are identified and then can be released.
Lynn has advanced training in how the organs move and function in motion in our body.  Because the body is going to protect our organs first, it there is a restriction in the organ the body will compensate by altering your posture to lessen the pull on your organ.
Have you ever had a chiropractic adjustment that just wouldn’t hold?  That could be because the body is trying to protect the restricted organ that can’t move.  When you release the organ and get it moving freely again then the spinal alignment can be correctly adjusted.
Visceral Manipulation is a gentle approach to restoring full mobility to your organs which can help with all sorts of issues including:

  • back pain
  • pelvic pain
  • bladder issues
  • digestive issues
  • seatbelt injuries from car accidents
  • scar tissue from abdominal surgeries
  • abdominal adhesions

“Since I’ve been receiving visceral work from Lynn I have had improvements from injuries over 13 years old. I am convinced that visceral therapy is key to healing from auto accident injuries sustained by the seat belt. Thank you so much for facilitating my healing and well being.” -Yvette P.

“My 7 year old daughter, Miriam, was recently treated by Lynn Leech. Prior to treatment she had a history of stomach problems. She would frequently complain of stomachaches with no apparent cause and no pattern to the pain. She had also had difficulty sleeping since infancy. She would wake up during the night at least once a week and would complain at bedtime that she didn’t like to sleep, that she couldn’t sleep. Since her treatment with Lynn (I believe she was seen three times), she has stopped complaining of stomach pain and sleeps comfortably through the night. Best of all, every night when I tuck her into bed she tells me how much she loves her bed and loves to sleep! The improvement in her, both physically and mentally, has been a joy to see.”          -V. Noren

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