Professional Classes

Here’s what past participants are saying about the class:

Great Class!!  Practice changing.  Now have insight into issues of nonprogression in labor that I didn’t have before.

I’ve been a CNM for 15 years and now feel much more empowered to correctly assess/assist clients for optimizing their pregnancy/birth/postpartum and recognize the cause of various loctions of pain/how to correct it/when to refer.  Thank you Lynn, this was an amazing class and will benefit all of my future clients and myself!

There were so many topics that you discussed today that I didn’t know were so directly related to childbirth.  I can’t wait to share this new knowledge with my clients and the other women in my life.  Thank you!

I love the hands on!  It was a great mix of lecture and practice.

Lynn, the work you do is amazing.  You help to demystify the female pelvis and give hope to women when other doctors simply tell them it is unexplainable and to live with it.

Prevention and Management of Pelvic and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Pregnancy and Childbirth  

                   Offered For:       Midwives and OB/GYN’s


Labor Nurses

Childbirth Educators

Objectives of the Course:

  • Help your moms have the easiest birth possible by understanding pre-existing conditions and how they may influence birth and what can be done for them
  • Learn how to palpate the pelvis, understand different alignment issues and how to influence them in labor with different positions
  • Have a clear understanding of the mechanics of the pelvis and how you can influence them with positions during birth
  • Learn how to assess for a diastasis recti, how to help your moms avoid one and how to help her heal it if she has one.
  • Understand common post partum issues women experience and what can be done about them


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