Healing From Birth, a new mom’s story

April 4, 2013 in Childbirth, Post Partum

Image courtesy of Tom Clare at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Tom Clare at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I saw a new mom of a 3 month old today.  She was tired, experiencing some anxiety, feeling discombobulated and not fully connected to her baby.  She expressed that she felt lonely inside with the baby not in there.  Her birth experience didn’t seem that traumatic.   It happened rather quickly for a first birth and no interventions were needed.  Yet a day after her birth, when she went to soak in a bath, her body shook uncontrollably.  A clear sign of a traumatic response, where the body shakes to release the excess energy stuck in her nervous system.  It’s good that her body was trying to do something to help, yet she still did not feel like herself.

Her baby was having a hard time initially with breastfeeding and wasn’t latched on well and lost a lot of weight.  It was discovered he had some low tone issues in his upper body that was making it hard for him to breastfeed.  This shook her even more as she felt like she wasn’t able to “read” her baby and know what to do.  She felt that when the baby was inside she really was connected to him and knew what he needed.

In evaluating her energy in her pelvis it felt very turbulent, especially at the opening of the vagina.  There was a lot of shock in her pelvic region too.  Her uterus was releasing the post birth energy that usually flows out but it stopped in her vaginal area.   This post birth energy is the connection piece between mother and baby.  It offers support to both mom and baby in helping to understand each other.

There is also a birth energy field around all pregnant women and this field is very open during the birth process.  Disruptions during the birth can leave negative imprints on this field.  The birth energy field without disruptions and imprints has a vibrant, clear quality to it, almost crystalline like.  Imprints can feel heavy and look dark to those that can see or feel them.

This mom’s birth field had some dark, heaviness to it.  Even though there weren’t any obvious issues she dealt with during her birth, the birth itself was overwhelming to her body and registered as trauma.  In guiding her to clear away this trauma and clean up her birth energy field, the heaviness lifted and the energy around her felt more light and free.

Her vaginal area remained chaotic though, so we focused on reconnecting her to the moment in her birth where she felt safe and capable of birthing this baby.  As she remembered that moment, her pelvis softened.  Turning her attention to her uterus I guided her to think about the post birth energy flow.  Envisioning her baby lying on her chest post birth, I asked her to allow that birth flow to connect from her uterus to her baby.  This flow is a way to access specific information about your baby.  Flow and connection between you and your baby is important and always present throughout your child’s life and can be sent to your child at any time no matter where they are.

Just as this mom was visualizing and connecting to her birth flow, her partner brought the baby into the treatment room.  We laid him on her chest and the energy between the two helped to soften both mom and babe.   The birth energy field also felt lighter around them as well.

When her baby was lying on her chest I could still sense moms hesitancy with her baby.   There was something inhibiting her from really connecting to her baby.

This mom felt so connected to her baby when he was inside her, she felt she really knew what he needed.  Now that he was outside she felt less able to respond to his needs.   It seemed that the noise from his crying was stopping her from accessing her intuition about his needs.   Her hearing and visual senses were over powering that internal knowingness she felt so strongly while pregnant with him.  As we worked to help clear the trauma from her pelvis and reconnect her to her wisdom inside she was able to get beyond her outside senses to feel into him and want he was really needing.  Mom felt much more connected to her baby and more confident in attending to her baby.

After our session I heard from mom.

“I definitely notice clearing in the vaginal trauma and an end to that lonely feeling. I also don’t feel so lost. I think the kegels are more even and less sore when I do them. Feeling for that birth energy may be an ongoing process but I feel like I have a start. Thanks again so much!”



Caring for your Belly During Pregnancy-Preventing Diastasis Recti- Part 3

March 29, 2013 in Abdominals, Childbirth, Diastasis Recti, Pregnancy

Part 3- Preventing Diastasis Recti in Pregnancy

This is the final post in a three part series on how to minimize and protect your abdominal muscles from developing diastasis recti.

In the other two posts we talked about how rib thrusting and forward, forceful movements of your belly can contribute to development of diastasis recti.  See these posts here to review, part 1 and part 2.

There is one other motion that we do at least two times a day, more if you are getting up to empty your squished bladder in the middle of the night, that causes the greatest strain on our abdominal muscles.  That is the way we get up and down from laying down.  What most of us tend to do is just lay straight back down and jack knife straight on up to sit up from laying down.  This motion puts the greatest amount of strain on your abdominal muscles.  If you continually get up and down this way, your abdominal muscles will separate.

There is a better way to lay down and get up without straining your abdominal muscles.


Let’s start with laying down.  Sitting on the side of the bed you want to pull your belly button back to your spine and then lay down on your side while your legs come up onto the bed.  Next, and the most important step, is placing your head down on the pillow while on your side.  Then contract your belly again as you roll over onto your back.

To get back up, the most important step is the keep your head down on the pillow while you roll over.  If you lift your head you are essentially doing a crunch and your belly will pooch out or dome if there is any separation.

During this entire motion it is important to contract your abdominal muscles by pulling your belly backward toward your spine.  Remember your head is the most important step and should be the last thing down in lying down and the last part up in getting up.

This takes practice to remember how to do it correctly and to make it a habit.  You will want to continue to lie down and get up in this fashion well after you baby is born.  This can help heal any separation you may have in your abdominal muscles after your baby is born.

There are other steps you need to learn to heal a diastasis recti, if you have one.  You can learn how to do so by watching my How to Lose the Pooch For Good and Heal Diastasis Recti.  Check it out!

Post Partum Care of Your Body

February 26, 2013 in Childbirth, Pelvic Floor, Pelvis, Post Partum


Congratulations on the arrival of your baby!  Now that your baby’s here, now WHAT do you do with your body!?!?

Whether you had a caesarian section or a vaginal birth your body has just completed the most strenuous feat.  After the adrenaline and fatigue wear off you may be wondering what has happened to your body?  Things may not feel normal in your abdomen or your pelvis.    That is where Intuitive Hands Physical Therapy can help!

C-Section Recovery

Remember you have just had major surgery!  You need to be protective of your abdomen and not lift anything heavier than your baby.  It’s very important to watch the way you get up and down from laying, always remembering to roll over to your side first.  Your activities should be limited the first 6 weeks until you get the all clear from your MD that your incision is well healed.


Once you get that clearance it is VERY IMPORTANT to massage your scar.   You want to move the scar up, down, side to side and rub it between your fingers.  There are many layers you want to work through so start off superficially and work till you can move the tissues deep down in the abdomen.   It may be very tender initially but do what you can to keep the scar tissue from adhering to other tissues.  It’s been my experience that 10-15 years down the road women come to me with frequency of urination.  They have scar tissue from their c-sections that is inhibiting the bladder from expanding.  A session or two of scar tissue release work gets them back to normal voiding frequencies.  You can avoid this by massaging your scar early on.


The pelvis is amazing in its ability to open up to pass a baby through its canal.  Sometimes during labor the mechanics of the pelvis opening doesn’t work properly and you can experience a difficult delivery and have lots of back labor or pelvic pains.  If the delivery was traumatic in any way the pelvis can have a hard time going back into its normal position, thus creating pain for you.  At Intuitive Hands Physical Therapy we specialize in helping the pelvis find its natural home and help you get out of pain after delivery.


It is quite common to experience a tear to the pelvic floor during childbirth.  Depending on the degree of tear, from 1st to 4th degree, you can develop scar tissue that can inhibit the pelvic floor.  Scar tissue is not as flexible as our normal tissue so intercourse can be somewhat painful the first couple of times after childbirth.   If intercourse continues to be painful please see a women’s health physical therapist to have them work on your pelvic floor and release any scar tissue that may be present.

Scar tissue can also inhibit the pelvic floor muscles from contracting as strongly as they could thus leaving you with weakness that could contribute to stress incontinence.   Just like our shoulders get knots in them, our pelvic floor does the same.  These knots can be caused by scar tissue and can prevent the muscles from contracting fully.  A session of soft tissue mobilization, using just a gloved finger can help work out those knots and free up the scar tissue so the muscles can work more normally.  You can really tell a difference in a “Kegel” contraction after your muscles have been fully released.



Your body has just completed the most arduous task!  Think about what your body has been through in the last 10 months.  The baby grew so big, your belly was huge and what do you think happened to your organs?  The baby pushed them way up into your chest and somehow they find their way back down but in the meantime they can create some mid back pains as you try to care for your wee one.

Your pelvis can get out of whack from opening so wide to allow the baby through and could use help finding its place back home again.

If you had a c-section the doctors might have taken all your small and large intestines out and go through them all to make sure there’s no kink in them before sewing you back up.   I’ve had several women come to me complaining of things just not feeling quite right in the pelvis and abdomen after the surgery, and they were right.

One session can help you feel back to normal again.  We can check to make sure your organs are happy and in their rightful places, make sure your abdominal tissues can move freely, and check to make sure your pelvis and pelvic floor are working right and all the pieces are in their proper place.

So any aches and pains you may have post partum can be addressed in a treatment session with Lynn.

Contact her today for your post partum session for your ticket back to feeling normal in your body again!


Hi Lynn – I wanted to tell you that last night was the first night since my last pregnancy that I slept a solid 8 hours without having to get up to pee.  Unbelievable!  And all day I have felt so different too – I can’t really describe it.  It’s like what you said, I haven’t really thought about my bladder every 10 minutes like before because it wasn’t bothering me! Again, I thought I was bordering on a compulsive disorder with how much this issue defined my life.  

So I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart  – if I can write a testimonial for you or share my story please just let me know.  Now I know that no amount of kegels, core conditioning, etc. was going to help this problem go away – I am just so relieved that I found you and I avoided a costly surgery because of it. 

~A. S.

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