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Pain with Sex

Sex Doesn’t have to be Painful! When you think of having sex, what’s your initial reaction?  Is it one of fun, pleasure, and enjoyment?  For many women it’s not.  In fact it’s down right painful.  Their response is one of fear, pain and simple avoidance.  It’s sad that some women are not interested in ever

Valuing Your Body and Instincts During Birth

  Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time for you and your body.  So many changes occur to your body as it swells to unrecognizable shape and proportion.  Then comes the uncertainty of birth.  How is this baby supposed to get out?  Really?  You can read all the books, watch all the videos and attend all

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Is Your Due Date Coming and Your Baby Not Dropping?

Is your baby due in a couple of weeks and he’s not engaging into your pelvis?  Feeling your baby should be dropping down into your pelvis a little more than he is? There is one major thing you need to check to see if it is what is stopping your baby from coming on down.

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Breathing Difficulties After Baby?

Diaphragm and Organ Restrictions after Childbirth Leads to Breathing Difficulties Ever wonder what happens to all your abdominal organs when the baby grows so big in your belly?   Did you have problems taking a deep breath during your pregnancy?  What about afterwards? It’s very common for woman to experience mid back pains after delivery

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Pelvic Trauma in Childbirth

Realizing how the body goes about getting a baby out of the body is an extremely amazing feat.   Seems downright impossible if you look at the size of a newborn baby and the size of the pelvis, especially the vaginal opening.   What does make it possible is the way both the baby’s head

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Helping Women Heal Their Body After Birth

Being a Women’s Health Physical Therapist has given me the privilege of working with a lot of post partum women.  I have a profound respect for the body’s ability to birth a baby.   It is a natural event that the body is designed to perform. While birth is a natural function of the body,

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