2 Types of Squats for birth

When I was pregnant for the first time 16 years ago I knew squatting was a good idea to help with birth.  Yet I didn’t know much about how to best squat for birth.  Years later having worked with pregnant and post partum women, I’ve learned a lot I wish I knew back then.  But

Position of pelvis after childbirth

3 Signs your Pelvis is Still Birthing after Childbirth

3 Signs your Pelvis is Still Birthing   Your pelvis may still be trying to birth your baby!  In my women’s health physical therapy practice I have discovered a very common pattern that a woman’s pelvis goes into to give birth. I’ve seen it in most every woman I’ve worked on in the last year

pelvic floor muscles

Hemorrhoids, Fissures and Tears, OH MY!

Hemorrhoids, Fissures and Tears, OH MY! Let’s talk about something! It’s not a pleasant subject. It’s the nasty little triad of issues one might face after having a vaginal birth.  I’m talking about the after effects and trauma that can happen to your bottom. It’s rarely discussed before a birth and I believe there is

Birthing Pelvis

Is Your Pelvis still birthing?

Is Your Pelvis Still trying to Birth Your Baby? Labor can be such an arduous task. Whether it’s really quick or lasts for days, the impact on the body is huge, especially for the pelvis. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get the baby out, the pelvis can still be left in its

crying baby

Why Don’t I Love My Baby?

Photo courtesy of David Castillo Dominici “Who is this strange little being lying on my chest?” “You don’t feel familiar.” For 9 months I have longed to meet you and see your face, yet I look down at you and wonder to whom you belong. “You don’t feel like you are mine.” I thought I would


Surgical ScarsThicken From Emotions!

In helping women recover from c-section surgery I’ve worked on a lot of surgical scar tissue in my practice.   It’s amazing how different scar tissue can be from woman to woman.  Some scars hardly get thick at all and other’s become as big as ropes.  Emotions Cause thicker Scars What I have found to be

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